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LED + Lens

LED + Lens

LEDs are both very bright and very efficient. That means long battery life, and light that is visible over 2,500' on a clear night, and LED colors are clearly visible over distances in sunlight too. Lightman LEDs have a steady-on mode that illuminates like a lantern. Just add accessories or customize to meet your portable safety or emergency lighting needs.


Features of Lightman LEDs:


5 LED colors; white, amber, red, blue, and green (white out of stock till 11/23)

Extraordinary full 180° visibility

Bright in sunlight

Visible over 2,500' (800m) on a clear night

Steady-on and flashing modes

Illuminates like a lantern

Powered by AA batteries

Compact and lightweight

Impact and weather resistant

Corded toggle switch models

Design/build to meet your requirements

Unmatched range of accessories meet your industry-occupation needs

(Weight washer sold separately)



Applications of Lightman LEDs:


Railroad and mining; personnel safety, equipment marking, illumination

Crossing guards and road construction detail safety

Utility personnel and vehicle safety

Oversized or dangerous truck loads, such as pole transport

Firefighter personnel safety and training; command post and equipment marking

Police detail safety and mounted police lighting

Personal mobility vehicle safety

Slow-moving vehicle safety

Search and rescue; command post marking, personnel safety, K-9 search

Recreation; camping, hiking, orienteering, boating, skydiving, kite flying.

Power outages


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