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Portable Lightman® LEDs are both very bright and very efficient. That means long battery life, and light that is visible over 2,500' on a clear night, and LED colors are clearly visible over distances in sunlight too. Lightman LEDs have a steady-on mode that illuminates like a lantern. Just add accessories or customize to meet your portable safety or emergency lighting needs.


Features of Lightman® LEDs:


  • 5 LED colors; white, amber, red, blue, and green
  • Extraordinary full 180° visibility
  • Bright in sunlight
  • Visible over 2,500' (800m) on a clear night
  • Steady-on and flashing modes
  • Illuminates like a lantern
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Impact and weather resistant
  • Corded toggle switch models
  • Design/build to meet your requirements
  • Unmatched range of accessories meet your industry-occupation needs
  • (Weight washer sold separately)


Applications of Lightman LEDs:


  • Railroad and mining; personnel safety, equipment marking, illumination
  • Crossing guards and road construction detail safety
  • Utility personnel and vehicle safety
  • Oversized or dangerous truck loads, such as pole transport
  • Firefighter personnel safety and training; command post and equipment marking
  • Police detail safety and mounted police lighting
  • Personal mobility vehicle safety 
  • Slow-moving vehicle safety 
  • Search and rescue; command post marking, personnel safety, K-9 search
  • Recreation; camping, hiking, orienteering, boating, skydiving, kite flying.
  • Power outages